Kara Walker


Due to a recent lecture at university i felt that a post on Kara Walker’s work was necessary. For me, personally, i wouldn’t look to Kara Walker’s work for inspiration but this doesn’t make her any less of an important artist or lacking artistic skills. She just has a different approach and perception to voice out her ideas of the world compared to myself. But, when the question ‘Who was impressed by and enjoyed Kara Walker’s exhibition?’ was mentioned, it didn’t surprise me that there was a lack of hands in the air, especially after the battling opinions which followed. A lot was mentioned about her historical influences which are quite clear. The humour in which she brought to the idea. But, to my surprise most were absorbed in the fact that her work was ‘shocking’. Yes, there is some shock there, but throughout the whole lecture they were insisting that this is only what her work held as a piece of art. ‘Shock Factor is all she has’ is a bit of a worrying view. I don’t find her work that shocking, and if thats all what art students can take from this then its quite worrying. The shocking graphical images is just a sugar coating. What about the underneath? The quite disappointing human behaviour in which is featured, our species and the way some choose to act should be what is being questioned. Where did it come from? Do we choose it? or does it choose us? Theres so much more too this piece then just its historical backgrounds and how shocking it’s content is. The poisons acts in which we choose to act on shows strongly in her work and with no surprise is still current today in maybe more ways in which that is shown. Whether we enjoy the work or not i still think it is important to consider an artist’s perception and ideas for what they are and our own relation as we can all appreciate certain factors of a piece of work.


Even if you think its the shittest piece you’ve seen. You’ll learn by it. 

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