Tyrone Lebon


Some of you may be familiar with Tyrone Lebon’s street-style images due to his current work for Mount Kimbe’s ‘Crooks and Lovers’. But, if not here i present to you Tyrone Lebon.

Lebon’s approach to documentary photography is unique with style and flare, realism put bluntly yet softly and beautiful in the strangest way as seeing someone eat Chinese can be.

It is clear that the beauty in his work isn’t the typical glitz and glamour and that’s what makes it so endearing. It’s the way he captures reality mixed with the over taking of natural lighting which creates such individuality. Everything is kept truthful, no deception is contained. Yet when you look further into it, it’s as if whats all before us is a fantasy. The softened lighting creates a dream like quality (especially in the 1st two images) and is soon desirable. Let’s face it, our society has a great interest in other’s people’s lives and Tyrone Lebon provides his viewers with exactly this, but in a more whimsical way.

Don’t agree? Check out his New American Noise documentaries, i recommend. 

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