Andy Warhol- Kiss 1963

Andy Warhol was undeniably amazing at what he created and changed within the art world. His screen prints influencing advertisement, fashion and a new movement. However, for me, i don’t feel that the rest of his work is appreciated as much as it should be, and for this reason is why i present to you ‘Kiss’. I have recently became a fan of his film work due to its simplicity, lighting and context. Kiss is one of my favorites for many reasons. It explotes the viewer, we feel like we shouldn’t be watching due to the amount of intimacy and connection these couples have between them. It creates us to feel uncomfortable as we feel we are observing something quite private but it is all just reality. We are so used to seeing false connections between people within films and television that seeing this is quite a shock, stimulating many different emotions.

I personally feel that this piece is powerful in the way it stimulates so many different feelings and creates discussion. Warhol was ahead of his time in so many ways, which is why he is such an influence to me and many others.

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