George Widener


widener_2s (1)

friday disasters

While away in Berlin I came across George Widener’s magnificent pieces Just by looking at his work you can see his unique and astonishing creativity. His work translates his constant thought process which in itself is amazing. Widener is able to remember dates and create them into a calendar within his head. After a while he started making track of dates in a journal and what that day entailed. By doing so it allowed him to realise that sequences were appearing, He continued to do this and created it into art work which explores future intelligent machines.

But, it is not only the future in which he explores. He addresses sequences which have also appeared during the past such as his own life and The Titanic. Seeing these pieces in person allowed me to see how personal this work is to him, this is his life before us. It translates so much while it sends shivers through the viewer as they question: How, why and what if?

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