Lisa Scrimgeour


” I am an artist living and working in Scotland predominantly interested in culture, prejudice with ambitions to challenge traditional concepts of portraiture and figuration with works that are almost devoid of recognisable facial characteristics. Through an obsession with identity I have produced a body of work containing paintings that communicate all that is intimate and personal in me. These figures have been stripped of identity by immersing their face in various materials that deform and disfigure their appearance; the only way in which the viewer can penetrate through these disguises is to look into the eyes, in which they try to contemplate the vulnerability, trying to understand the image before them. My aim is to use my art to stimulate questions of beauty and ugliness, of disfigurement and difference, and thereby, interrogate the viewer’s responses to prejudice, stereotyping and perhaps even subliminal reactions.” – Lisa Scrimgeour 

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