Nevena Prijic


These contemporary pieces of art by Nevena Prijić I find, are very touching. They show the real desperation some people will go to to feel suitable to look at by society and to be more comfortable with a new self. Some people will go to a extreme extent and I think these paintings really show this. The 1st & 3rd images is of a male going threw a transaction of a sex change. The looks in his marked and revamped face just attack the viewer from the canvas showing desperation, loneliness and hope to be ‘perfect’. The 2nd image as you can see is the outcome of this addictive Nip and Tuck which to society now is seen as a social norm, however, he has finally became his perfection. The food in hand is to represent greed, why have one when i can have two? All extents were went to due to the availability and hard to resist greed of it all. From his true self to his who is this self.

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